At Eden Hill Primary School we recognise that we are an integral part of our community and we seek to establish genuine partnerships or links with the local and broader community.  These partnerships enhance the quality of the programmes we can deliver to our students while enhancing our reputation within the community.  One of our primary means of ensuring that all parents feel part of the Eden Hill family is through our Classroom Coordinators.  Each classroom has a parent who has volunteered for this role.  The Principal meets with them in week 3 of each term and outlines any up-coming events.  Any issues that have arisen or may arise are discussed so that these people are informed and able to accurately inform other parents. Classroom Coordinators are also available for any emergency and agree to be a key component in a ‘telephone tree’ in case of a school emergency. Teachers and the P&C use the Classroom Coordinators to assist with activities throughout the year.  Some Coordinators even organise after school and holiday events for ‘their class’!
We are fortunate at Eden Hill, in having a significant number of parents and grandparents who volunteer to assist us in our classrooms, library and canteen.  We also have an extremely effective formal School Volunteer Program which is coordinated by one of our Senior Teachers, Robyn Anthony.

Eden Hill Primary School has developed close links with its local secondary schools.  Students not only participate in transition programmes but have been involved with a Science programme with Hampton Senior High School; a Mining Challenge which was a joint partnership with Lockridge Senior High School and Curtin University; and NAIDOC Celebrations and activities with Cyril Jackson Senior Campus.  All local secondary schools are invited to participate in our annual Open Night in June.

In order to ensure our students have any hearing or speech difficulties identified as early as possible and thereby reducing the impact on their educational future we have established several professional partnerships.  To assist with early diagnosis, we currently work with the following organizations: UWA Masters Audiology students, the Ear Bus, Curtin University 4th Year Speech pathology students (through the North Metro Language Development Centre) and a private speech pathologist who screens all Kindergarten students upon entry.

We have also developed a strong link with CLAN Midland who provide assistance for families in need of social and emotional support.  CLAN have coordinated Health and Nutrition classes for Eden Hill families.  These courses run for eight weeks and conclude with a ‘graduation’ for successful completion of the course.

In 2015, Eden Hill celebrated its 100th birthday with a Centenary Fair on Saturday, 2nd May.  We established a Centenary Committee and again this provided an opportunity to forge strong links with our community. Several members of the Centenary Committee were older citizens who attended the school in years gone by and others community members who were keen to assist.  

Eden Hill Primary treasures its past links and looks forward to forging new friendships.