Effective partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect, and shared responsibility for the education of the children and young people at the school. 

Families are the first educators of their children and they continue to influence their children’s learning and development during the school years and long afterwards.  Family-school partnerships are collaborative relationships involving school staff, parents and other family members of students at a school.

At Eden Hill Primary School we strive to provide the best opportunities for our students.  This motivates us to seek out partnerships with other educational facilities, community groups and business.  The main reasons we do this are to improve student outcomes and to enhance the well-being of your child.

We have strong relationships with our neighbouring schools both primary and secondary, allowing our students frequent interaction with for sporting and educational opportunities.

We also have partnerships with the University of Western Australia whereby their Masters Audiology students screen all our students for any hearing problems; Curtin University Speech Pathology, students assist with language development in our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes and Edith Cowan University ,TAFE institutions and local high schools in providing placements for their students.  At various times we also work with local support agencies to provide opportunities for families to improve their skills and knowledge.  An example of this is the Health and Nutrition classes that were run by Clan Midland for our parents.

On the other hand we like to support our local associations.  Our students have been involved in propagating seedlings and planting these out within our community eg Ashfield Flats and always take part in the local ANZAC Ceremony.  Our local businesses are very supportive of our school and have provided assistance in many forms on numerous occasions.

Our school has strong links to the formal School Volunteers programme as well as numerous parent, grandparents and ex-parents who volunteer whenever the need arises.

At Eden Hill we love being an integral part of our community and we welcome our community into our school.