Useful Links

Listed below are some links that you may find useful regarding the curriculum.

Australian Curriculum

Information regarding the new Australian Curriculum currently being implemented at Eden Hill Primary School can be found at

School Curriculum and Standards Authority

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority sets curriculum policy directions for Kindergarten to Year 12 schooling in Western Australia. This site also contains information about NAPLAN and WAMSE testing that students participate in.

Dyslexia Speld Foundation
If your child is experiencing persistent learning difficulties in literacy and/or math development you may be interested to attend the free information evening held every month to find out

Early Childhood Australia
Early Childhood Australia is the peak early childhood advocacy organisation, acting in the interests of young children, their families and those in the early childhood field. The resources and links on this website take you on a wonderful, informative journey each time you visit the site.

Women’s and Children’s Health Network:Parenting and Child Health
A resource for parents and caregivers on everything related to the health and development of children.

Literacy: more than reading and writing
Visit this website to find out how you can help your child start to develop literacy skills before commencing school. Their learning journey begins at birth!

The Australian Parenting Website
There is something of interest for every parent and caregiver on this website. Click on the Main Menu to select from the drop down list to choose links relevant to the age and needs of your child. The special needs information is current and provides useful information about services and support.