Eden Hill Primary School

Waste Wise

As an accredited ‘Waste Wise School’, Eden Hill focuses on growing and developing through the implementation of Waste Wise practises from K-6. We currently promote a Waste Free Wednesday to help reduce the amount of plastic waste produced from our students’ lunchboxes. Our school also has a 4-bin system around for the community to utilise to reduce items going into general waste.

Containers for Change

Eden Hill participates in the Containers for Change program, encouraging students and families to recycle their drink containers. All funds raised from this initiative go back to the P&C to help fund future initiatives.


Our chickens are well loved by the students and help reduce the food waste from our lunchboxes. They help provide an opportunity to develop responsibility for our students, who have learned about caring for animals and they provide us with eggs in return!

Vegetable Gardens

In addition to the educational value, the gardens are cared for by our gardening group who meet weekly to water, trim and maintain the vegetables we have growing.


As an accredited ‘Waterwise School’ we educate and teach strategies for using water sparingly whenever possible.

Planet Protectors

Each year, a select group of Year 6 students are chosen to help assist with all our sustainability initiatives. Planet Protectors are responsible for many important roles, some jobs including caring for the chickens, gardening and promoting sustainable living within the school community. They can provide advice on which bin your rubbish should go in and will even hand out faction tokens to students who are doing their part to keep our school clean and tidy.

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