All student absences need to be explained as soon as possible either through Connect, a written note or by contacting the school by phone or email. A simple Student Absence Form is available to be completed and returned to the school for this purpose.

Both the Department of Education’s and Eden Hill Primary School’s expectation is that all students will attend school every day. Any student attending school less than 90% of the time is expected to be investigated and if necessary followed up on. 

The Department of Education recently introduced new attendance codes to help identify the number of absences occurring across the state due to family holidays. To assist us in using these codes parents are asked to inform the school in writing, as they would for any other absence, if their children will be away from school on a holiday. If you are planning to have an extended vacation of more than a week you are asked to speak to a member of the Administration team regarding this absence. While families are strongly encouraged to not take children out of school during the term for holidays we do understand that there are times when this may be necessary.

If families do take extended holidays during the term, teachers are not required to, nor are they expected to, provide work for periods of absence. It is not simply a matter of teachers running off worksheets and providing them to parents. This does not teach concepts; this is simply presenting busy work. Teachers put in long hours preparing and marking work. It is unrealistic to ask them to prepare individual work which will be out of context, can’t be marked at the time of completion and in many cases is not finished to the standard required.

Should any parent wish to discuss this, please feel free to speak with a member of the school's administration team. One suggestion is to have your child keep a personal diary of their trip to encourage writing, use the time to learn their times tables and collect post cards or photographs which will deepen the experience.