Please be aware that all students with medical conditions such as asthma, allergies etc must renew their Student Health Care Plan every year.  If your child has a health condition and you have yet to fill in a form this year, please download and complete the Student Health Care Summary below.    Once you have completed the Health Care Summary you  are also required to complete the appropriate medical condition form/s.

Student Health Care Summary

Administration of Medication - Short Term Use  (This form is to be used on a short term basis - ie up to 2 weeks)

Ashtma Management & Emergency Response Plan

Mild to Moderate Allergy Management

Severe Allergy/Anaphylaxis Management & Emergency Response Plan

Art Competitions Exemption Form

2019 Consent Form - Media, Internet etc



Personal Items List Note (Please read before ordering stationery)

Kindy 2019 - Personal Items List

Pre Primary 2019 - Personal Items List 

Year 1 2019 - Personal Items List

Year 2 2019 - Personal Items List

Year 3 2019 - Personal Items List

Year 4 2019 - Personal Items List

Year 5 2019 - Personal Items List

Year 6 2019 - Personal Items List