Newsletters will be posted on our website and sent to our Skoolbag app. every second Thursday.  If you would like a paper copy, they are available at the front office.

Please take the time to read these as they contain important information, dates. details of school programs and most importantly acknowledgement of the student's fabulous achievements.

Each newsletter will be placed on this website and you can follow the links below to view.


Newsletter 1 - 14th February

Newsletter 2 - 28th February

Newsletter 3 -14th March

Newsletter 4 - 28th March

Newsletter 5 - 11th April

Newsletter 6 - 9th May

Newsletter 7 - 23rd May

Newsletter 8 - 6th June

Newsletter 9 - 20th June

Newsletter 10 - 4th July

Newsletter 11 - 1st August

Newsletter 12 - 15th August

Newsletter 13 - 29th August

Newsletter 14 - 12th September