Uniform Information and Order Form

The School Board has formulated a School Dress Code for students which assumes an agreement between parents, students and the school that the student will dress within the guidelines.  Eden Hill is proud of the uniforms worn at school by its students, with virtually every student being in uniform throughout the year. Uniforms are available at Uniform Concepts in Inglewood.

          SUMMER:     Girls:                   Black Pleated Skirt or Black Shorts or Black Skort
                                                              Blue Shirt with school crest

                                 Boys:                  Black Shorts
                                                             Blue Shirt with school crest

          WINTER       Girls & Boys:     Blue Microfibre Jacket with school crest
                                                             Black Tracksuit Pants

Children will also require:

          (a)   a reversable school hat (black/faction colour)

          (b)   a faction shirt for faction sport activities.


Uniform Order Form