Personal Items List

Eden Hill Primary School

Please find links below to the Personal Items List for 2024. Once again, we have attempted to keep our costs as low as possible.

If you are purchasing your child’s Personal Items List through Campion please tick the items that your child requires for 2024.

Although the ‘package’ is made available through the school (we do receive a small commission which we utilise to benefit the students), you are most welcome to shop around. If this is the case please consider the quality, as cheaper items tend not to last, and you may need to replace more frequently. Please be aware that the school cannot supply the texts listed on the Personal Items List, so if you choose to purchase the items elsewhere, you will still need to buy the textbooks through Campion Education.

As indicated on the form, the Personal Items List can be ordered online by Friday, 24th November 2023.

If you do not purchase through Campion you will need to pay for the Voluntary Contributions, Computing Costs and Mathletics at the Office at the start of the year.

Eden Hill’s P&C courteously requests a contribution of $25 per family in order to cover operational costs of our highly successful association. Whilst the P&C supports the school by directing significant finances to assist students each year, initial operating costs of around $2000 to cover insurance, association fees and charges must be cleared before support can be offered. Your contribution will offset these costs and allow 100% of fundraising to be directed to your school. If you do not purchase through Campion, this contribution will need to be paid to the P&C.

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Please complete the form if your child will be away from school