Eden Hill Primary School

At Eden Hill Primary School, our teachers design learning experiences to support students in developing literacy skills.

Teachers and Education Assistants are trained to teach evidence-based programs within the school. These programs provide our students with the fundamental literacy skills required to be successful in the English language.

Letters and Sounds (Kindergarten to Year 3)

Letters and Sounds is a phonics resource aimed to build children’s speaking and listening skills and prepare children for learning to read. It sets out a detailed and systematic program for teaching phonic skills.

Soundwaves (Year 4 to Year 6)

Soundwaves follows a logical and thorough scope and sequence organised around the 43 phonemes (sounds) of Australian English and the graphemes (a letter or combination of letters) used to write the sounds. Teachers can deliver explicit teaching and targeted practice in a way that is comprehensive and cohesive.


MultiLit is a small group program used for intervention for students who require extra assistance to learn the skills for Reading and Writing. MiniLit is aimed at Year 1 and 2, and Macqlit is for Year 4 to 6 at Eden Hill Primary School.

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