Welcome to Eden Hill Primary School

Welcome to Eden Hill Primary School where we strive to live by our school motto ‘Only Our Best is Good Enough’. 

At Eden Hill Primary School our staff, students, parents and community work together to support our children in achieving the best possible outcomes.  Over more than 100 years, our reputation has been built by the contributions of students, parents and staff.  We value every child.  Our dedicated and loyal school community is fundamental to our ongoing status as a most desirable public school.

Eden Hill Primary School provides a supportive and stimulating learning environment.  We encourage our students to become inquiring life long learners who are open minded, caring and who when they leave us, are ready to move onto the next phase of their education.  We have a clear vision, outlined in our Business Plan, which is supported through whole school planning and shared leadership.

Choosing the right school for your child is one of life’s most important decisions.   I look forward to sharing the formative years of your child’s life – discovering their strengths and preparing them for their future.