Contributions & Charges

Eden Hill Primary School

Voluntary Contributions

Contributions have been set at $60.00 per student and has been endorsed by our School Board. The funds collected supplement the cost of materials and resources used by students.

Charges for Optional Activities

Students engage in a variety of activities that are linked to and enhance educational programs. You will receive notification of an incursion, excursion, or class/group activity throughout the year with the associated costs and due date for payment.


Voluntary Contributions and Charges can be paid via Campion Personal Items lists at the end of each year. However, these can also be paid directly to the school throughout the year. Payments can be made by cash or cheque into the school payment box, EFTPOS in the office or by direct debit to the school.

Eden Hill Primary School - Bank Account Details

B.S.B: 066100

Account Number: 00900812

2023 Voluntary Contributions & Charges
Kindergarten - Year 6

Voluntary Contributions

Kindergarten – Year 6 per child - $60.00

Parents’ & Citizens’ Association Contribution (per family) - $25.00

Additional cost items such as incursions/excursions are estimated maximum costs. Payments will be requested during the school year when costs and participation by students is confirmed.

A pre-payment plan will be developed and put into place for the Year 6 parents of students attending camp. This will give all parents the opportunity to pay for the camps before they take place.

A range of payment options are available and may be negotiated with the Manager Corporate Services.

Enrol at Eden Hill Primary School

Absentee Form

Any absences need to be advised to the school
Please complete the form if your child will be away from school